Wang Sicong: Smart as His Name



Wang Sicong is China’ richest, probably the world’s richest, 26 year old. He has been given 2% of his Daddy’s company – Wanda Corp owns real estate, movie theaters, yachts and hotels to the tune of $100 billion.

Sicong usually avoids the media but he has given an interview to Chinese Marie Claire, which concluded unsurprisingly that he had a clear mind and opinions with quick conclusions — so much for the impartiality of Chinese Marie Claire (July 2014).


Sicong loves to make trouble on Weibo – constantly posting obscene and disrespectful statements about himself and others. Perhaps part of the explanation for his torment is that Sicong was sent abroad to receive education from the age of five. He finished primary education in Singapore, and then high school at Wellington College, one of the top private schools in the UK. Next he graduated from University College London in philosophy, so he has received an entirely western education and this has allowed him to develop a unique way of thinking. ‘Logic is very important,” he says. “You should have your own opinions, and everything you do should follow them.’ This is his way of thinking.


This is a person who can hardly be persuaded. His education backgrounds teach him how to think and behave. He is impatient about stupidity and interested in stuff that needs thinking. Thus, he also gets a nick name ‘Teacher Wang who likes explanations’. He doesn’t avoid to mention that ‘nowadays the college students are too stupid without the ability of independent thinking at all. They only create fusses. They are cheated by chicken soup for the soul, and life mentors. How upsetting!’


Therefore, rarely daze and confuse appear on Sicong, compared with his peers. He totally does not care about what others think of him or judge him, ‘your thoughts and comments cannot change my situation. Therefore, whatever you say, I don’t need to prove it.’


But, is there something that Sicong cares about? When asked what he cannot stand being discussed by others, he almost said the F word, ‘I am extremely angry when people say I don’t get good grades. Someone even says that my diploma is purchased! I study hard and do have good grades.’

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