Wang Sicong: I Don’t Care



Wang Sicong currently has more than seven million followers on his Weibo account. But, he posts less frequently than before. In order to celebrate his followers were over a million, Sicong launched a raffle which almost dragged down the Weibo raffle platform.

After the famous South Beauty Word War, he was asked whether his father asked him to speak cautiously on Weibo afterwards. Sicong answers, ‘my father usually does not care about what I say on Weibo, but later on he added “Do not scold my friends”. But since he has so many friends, he added another requirement that ‘do not mention their names if you really want to scold them.’ This is because his father is unwilling to be offensive in regards to his son’s public expressions . But, Sicong never cares about that.

In August, he commented on the martial arts film The White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom (2014)  that ‘it once again sets a standard for domestic rotten flicks. This zero-grade work is probably the most classical negative textbook for a director. Fan Bingbing gets her wish to play the only leading actress. But, unfortunately the whole film has lost its beauty by the crappy script, lines, editing and the facial-paralysis hierarch. The film is full of flaws, making the audiences sick. The most 3D part of the whole film is the subtitle, which does not has shadows without 3D glasses. … The added 3D effect is just scam.’


He is rich, young and outspoken. The words ‘Do not care’ almost penetrate into his entire values. From his behaviours on his Weibo account, we can see that he posts almost anything that upsets him which sometimes can be a little cynical. From the business circle to the entertainment circle, his Weibo account is a platform to present his personal life and rich inner activities.

The thing is his sharp comments have been backed up by an increasing number of cyber citizens. This might because he dares to comment on almost everything. His account provides a platform for ordinary people to participate in expressing their own opinions or even interact with Sicong.

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