Wang Sicong

Wang Sicong: Smart as His Name



Wang Sicong is China’ richest, probably the world’s richest, 26 year old. He has been given 2% of his Daddy’s company – Wanda Corp owns real estate, movie theaters, yachts and hotels to the tune of $100 billion.

Sicong usually avoids the media but he has given an interview to Chinese Marie Claire, which concluded unsurprisingly that he had a clear mind and opinions with quick conclusions — so much for the impartiality of Chinese Marie Claire (July 2014). Continue reading

My Advantage is I am Rich – son of Wang Jianlin


‘People should take advantage of their strengths. My strength is I am rich.’ Wang Sicong says. Seldom has an interview become so simple and direct.

‘People who are good looking should be actor; people who are talented with the pen should write books; people who are rich shall make use of money. Is it meaningful to compete with others by your disadvantages?’ Everything is related to ‘money’. Indeed, Wang Sicong and his father Wang Jianlin are rich. It shall be hypocritical if they talk about meanings instead of money. Continue reading

Wang Sicong: I Don’t Care



Wang Sicong currently has more than seven million followers on his Weibo account. But, he posts less frequently than before. In order to celebrate his followers were over a million, Sicong launched a raffle which almost dragged down the Weibo raffle platform.

After the famous South Beauty Word War, he was asked whether his father asked him to speak cautiously on Weibo afterwards. Sicong answers, ‘my father usually does not care about what I say on Weibo, but later on he added “Do not scold my friends”. But since he has so many friends, he added another requirement that ‘do not mention their names if you really want to scold them.’ This is because his father is unwilling to be offensive in regards to his son’s public expressions . But, Sicong never cares about that. Continue reading

Wang Sicong’s Weibo account and his followers


Wang Sicong is the son of the second richest man in China.


One of the most interesting things about Sicong is his social media presence. The relationship between Wang and his followers is interesting. A large group of  commentators (which is not limited to females) affectionately call him ‘husband’. Although strangely on his Weibo, he describes himself as bisexual. Readers comments are majority sarcasm. One of the commentators says that he/she follows Wang Sicong’s account just for reading the comments.


There have been over 20,000 comments just after his latest post on Weibo at 16:30 today which presents his photo of watching yesterday’s computer game competition. He comments in his post that it is rare that a photography can take photo of you, retouch it and send it to the Moments (Wechat’s status bar).



In regards to the comments, there are many comments complaining about Wang’s ugly face. However, one states ‘we love you even you don’t retouch your photo. That’s all. We are not that superficial who only care about the face’. Another ridicules him that luckily he only loves Sicong’s money. Regarding to this, one comment refutes ‘You always dislike Wang’s appearance, but has he ever complained about your poverty?’

Two days ago, Wang praised the night life in Seoul and posted one whole scene of Seoul from a high place (likely to be a hotel). One comment said ‘you eventually dowhat a second rich generation should do! Remember to post some photos with female celebrities’. Another commented ‘Is this for the plastic surgery? It is not necessary! We love your money, not your body.’