Kelly Zong aims to promote China’s Food Industry


Kelly Zong (Zong Fuli), the daughter of Hangzhou Wahaha Chairman Zong Qinghou, joined the company in 2005. Unlike other entrepreneurs who only aim to develop their own business, Kelly is ambitious to promote the Chinese food industry.


Kelly Zong attaches great importance to education. She donated Fuli Food Science and Engineering College of Xi’an Jiaotong University on May 14th, 2014, aiming at cultivating elites for China and worldwide food industry. What Kelly Zong wants to rewrite is the pattern of the global food industry. She wishes to see that within 10 years, there will be a detailed and honest ingredient list on China’s food packaging, and the global food industry norms also will have to refer to Chinese standards.


Her expectation to the Food Science and Engineering College are to control the discourse power in the food industry in the future. ‘I hope we can constantly shrink the gap between China’s food and beverage industry and the abroad by cultivating high-end talents for the food industry, and supporting the research development of food discipline and security’, says Kelly, ‘I want to present a modern China better. I want to present what we post-80s should stand for’. This is Kelly’s responsibility.

Mr Ferrari: Li Xiaohua

See Li Xiaohua’s interview at Mr Ferrari: Li Xiaohua.




Li Xiaohua is China’s First Ferrari Owner who bought the very first Ferrari (the red 348 TS) in 1992.

According to, two decades ago, Li Xiaohua became the proud owner of his first Prancing Horse. For him, the affordability of Ferrari represented how China has gone through poverty to become a rich and civilized country. It is a symbol of China’s reform and openness: people are getting rich and Ferraris are becoming affordable for the average people.


Wang Sicong Is Not A Simple Fuerdai


Born in 1988, Sicong received elite educations from a young age. He attended primary school at Swiss Cottage in Singapore, high school at Winchester College and university at University College London in the UK. Back from the UK, he became the director of the Wanda Group but was not responsible for any interior affair.


In the morning of August 2nd, 2011, Sicong announced on Weibo that he would strongly enter the e-sports domain and integrate them. Given five hundred millions from his father Wang Jianlin, Sicong invests a small private company Prometheus Capital, and runs a gaming company called Invictus. The five hundred millions PE Fund in the first period has been invested into four projects: GDC, Forgame, Nine Top Group and Wuxi Hygood New Technology Limited. He then purchased the CCM team and changed the name CCM to iG. According to the official introduction,  the goal of iG is to build the world’s top gaming club. At present,  iG has integrated the former CCM gaming club Dota, StarCraft 2 (SC2) and all members of the League of Legends (LOL) project.


Wang Sicong’s investment highlights on the management of Prometheus Capital. At present, Prometheus Capital has some achievements in the game market. It has continuously harvested two IPOs, with Forgame listed on HKEx and IDreamsky listed on NYSE respectively. It is reported that only the investment in iDreamShy Games has brought  five million dollars profits for Prometheus Capital. On July 22nd , the 4th DOTA2 International Tournament was held in Seattle. The Newbee team from China got the championship finals and exclusive 5,020,000 dollars prize. It hit the record of the highest tournament prize.


According to China Venture Annual List 2013, Prometheus Capital ranked 43 in China’s best private equity investment institutions Top 50, and 27 in China’s best Chinese-funded private equity investment institution Top 30. It is because of this investment, Wang Jianlin said publicly that Wang Sicong ‘has made a little progress in investment’ in 2013.


In an interview, Wang Jianlin states that he won’t ask Sicong about any investment plan. The PE Fund is just for experiment. He would like to see him do business himself for 5 years and be fooled for 20 times. He wants to see whether he can succeed. Wang Jianlin has made it known that he plans to retire at the age of 68 in 10 years and is concerned about succession at Wanda. Will Sicong be the successor of Wanda? The answer Wang Jianlin gave to China’s Talents Magazine last year was, ‘If he can make himself accepted by everyone [at Wanda] in the next five to eight years, he will succeed me; if he doesn’t have that ability, he won’t.’



Wang Sicong and his celebrity effects



Wang Sicong, the only son of the richest Chinese businessman Wang Jianlin, is becoming increasingly popular among Chinese cyber citizens. He is especially famous for his Weibo presence.


He is obviously more famous than any other second rich generations in China. Every time his post can easily attract huge amount of concerns, with more than tens of thousands forwards and comments.


It seems he has already succeeded in creating a celebrity effect. In February this year, Sicong held a raffle on Weibo. Then the forwards reached up to 1.4 million. It is said that this resulted in Sina server crash. On June 27th, Si Cong posted on Weibo complaining that he had spent 200 yuan for a computer desk on but still had not received it. He made a phone call but there was no explanation. It was large company bullying customers. Thereafter, similar ‘Wang Sicong computer desk’ had appeared on A simple electricity shopping complaint has rapidly become a national pastime. In August, Sicong interpreted on a live computer game. Due to the large amount of spams, the server crashes once again.


Furthermore, the most magnificent thing Sicong did is probably buying the domain name ‘’. Sicong posted ‘Click on and see what happens?’ The result is this URL is redirected to his real-name authentication Sina Weibo account. According to Ruila Ma (after the Weibo real-name authentication), the Internet video library founder, was sold by Shi Zhengchuan, the CEO of Nanjing, for 60 million yuan to Wang Sicong. Senior Internet observer Ming Lei claims that if it is true that Wang Sicong has bought the domain name, then it should be related to Wanda electricity supplier.