My Advantage is I am Rich – son of Wang Jianlin


‘People should take advantage of their strengths. My strength is I am rich.’ Wang Sicong says. Seldom has an interview become so simple and direct.

‘People who are good looking should be actor; people who are talented with the pen should write books; people who are rich shall make use of money. Is it meaningful to compete with others by your disadvantages?’ Everything is related to ‘money’. Indeed, Wang Sicong and his father Wang Jianlin are rich. It shall be hypocritical if they talk about meanings instead of money.

Money value is the attitude towards money and the way of spending it. Sicong has two best friends who are his classmates when studying in the U.K. Their family backgrounds are normal such as doctors or teachers. Sicong  doesn’t seem to hang out with other second rich generations. ‘I don’t care about my friends’ family backgrounds. It is more important whether the person is interesting and nice. Rich or not is not important at all. They are not as rich as I am anyway.’


‘I want to know person who have ideas, who are really creative and can produce great products. I don’t want to be listed. I don’t want cash, either. Being rich allows me to slowly choose the projects I want, and not to need the investment back in a hurry. I don’t rely on the company to live.’ ‘What is success? For me, it is doing what I want to do.’


‘Real rich person is without vanity,’ says Sicong. In his opinion, one can pay big bucks to buy something, but should not have a thriving materialism. He does not go shopping and buy blindly. He just plays computer games. In regards to the investment plan in the future, he has already invested a dental clinic, and has inspected Top 10 hospitals in the U.S. He plans to build a first-class hospital in the east Beijing.

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