Kelly Zong: the Use of Personnel



Having studied in the United States for many years, Kelly Zong has been trained with a frank, independent and self-confident personality. She attaches great importance to rules, regimes, and talents. Kelly says, ‘An enterprise belongs to all the staff instead of the boss only. People who is full of passion shall be given space to demonstrate their talents.’

On the use of personnel, Kelly Zong brings Wahaha Group a breath of fresh, cool and strong wind. Unilike her father Zong Qinghou’s ‘patriarch’ management style, Kelly Zong is more professional and even unreasonable. It is the ability instead of hierarchy that matters. Within her control, everyone must constantly learn, otherwise will be eliminated. But, people who have ability and courage will get infinite promotions. ‘I just promote a young person who is the youngest director in our Group. He is 26 years old.’


‘How many opportunities will you give to a failed employee?’ ‘It depends on the reason of the failure. It doesn’t matter if a staff is lack of ability. You can give him an easy job. But, if the failure is due to his irresponsibility and bad human nature, then I will not give him any chance.’




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