Kelly Zong, A Strategist


What Kelly Zong wants to rewrite is the human rules in family business. The earliest reforms were under the control of Kelly’s. Those employees who were hired have all been accepted by her father’s company. That made her depressed. This is a competition between two generations’ management methods. It was not easy at the very beginning. She implemented the work shift system in her company. It was the middle class instead of the senior class who carried out work shift. The workshop director cannot cope with different production lines, resulted in some confusion. Kelly immediately did strategy adjustment, providing basic training to shift workers before their work shifts. This turned out to be effective. This small system gradually becomes the general rotation system for all Wahaha Group branches across the country.


‘It is my advantage to control all the information at home.’ Controlling thousands of elites at the back stage and making strategies – This is the role Kelly Zong gives to herself. ‘I want to be a strategist.’

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